Featured Image for Guns, Lances and Foot Valves

Designed for ergonomic operation with safety in mind for auxiliary tools.

An effective method of providing high pressure cleaning of surfaces with high pressure water.

High pressure water should be guided to the surface area that needs to be cleaned or processed in a way that succeeds in achieving the correct surface finish in the least amount of time. Shut-off guns are an easy way to accomplish this. Kamat wants the operator to feel as little impact as possible, so the shut-off guns are designed with the human body in mind. The main goals are to reduce fatigue and provide a safe way to complete the work. The specially designed shut-off gun housing was created at Kamat and is coupled with the high-pressure hose and electric controls that provide a safe work environment. The ergonomic design is unique to the industry with features such as a special pivoting grip which does not transmit any torque to the wrist. This allows for the hose and electric connections to move away from the high-pressure jet stream, which provides a safer and more effective work environment. Accompanying the high-pressure guns, different versions of high pressure foot valves, rotating gun lances, rotating nozzles (and other tools) are available for a variety of applications including pipe cleaning.

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