High Pressure Valves

Powerful, high-pressure valves for high-pressure plunger pumps

Assurance of a constant operating pressure with directional-control valves, pressure-control valves, by-pass valves and safety valvesclose up photo of a valve mans hand mounting a valve

For many high-pressure applications, a constant operating pressure is required. In order to guarantee this, even in different operating states and with changing consumption requirements, the design must ensure that the high-pressure pump and valve systems are compatible. Depending on the application, directional-control valves, pressure-control valves, by-pass valves, as well as safety valves, are used. We design and produce all of these valve variants ourselves. The advantage: The high-quality and powerful KAMAT high-pressure valves, with valve peripherals matched perfectly to the application, ensure the dependable continuous operation of the plunger pump. Special KAMAT valve types are usable up to 4,000 bar.

Various controls of the high-pressure valves for individual processes

With a pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic control of the high-pressure valves, the plunger pumps can be integrated perfectly into automated and remote-controlled processes. As a result of the integration, they offer enormous independence in the control of the processes. Our electro-hydraulic solenoid valves are even usable up to an operating pressure of 3,000 bar, which enables the integration into automated process controls in many industrial application cases.

Special valves ensure complex processes

On request, we also produce high-pressure valves for special areas of application: For simple applications without process control, we can manufacture pressure-limiting valves and safety valves, for example spring-loaded. Special designs, for instance for the testing of pipelines or for gas tanks as well as for testing of carbon fiber reinforced gas tanks in the automobile sector, are also included in our performance spectrum.