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Tank Cleaning with high pressure water and remote-controlled tank cleaning nozzle
Directed tank cleaning: The unique design of the KAMAT tank washing head is externally driven and controlled by remote control for all functions.
The special KAMAT tank washing head TWK Series provides a conventional tank washing nozzle head with the ability to remotely control all functions. The nozzle arms are controlled in all axes via remote control with the ability to control the two axes independently; in addition, the arms can be stopped at any point. This gives the user the ability to target the jet stream to specific areas that require extra work. Controlled via compressed air, the arms are independently operated via remote control. Rated to 21,750 PSI (1,500 bar) and 53 GPM (200 L/min), the tank washing delivers a powerful punch to the surface of the tank. With the unique control features, the user can quickly solve cleaning problems that are commonly found in tank cleaning applications.

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