High Pressure Surface Cleaner

Extremely thorough, environmentally friendly and reliable surface cleaners from KAMAT – reliability in every area of industrial cleaning

close up photo of a high pressure surface cleaner

Our field-tested surface cleaners have been established tools in the industrial cleaning industryfor numerous years. Their fields of deployment cover a huge variety of applications including, removal of rubber from runways, surface roughening of concrete, paint removal, and railway cleaning. The versatility of our surface cleaners is basically unlimited and trumps with its environmental and user friendliness. All our cleaners can be fitted with an additional extraction system ensuring that no dirty fluid gets discharged into the environment, ensuring clean surroundings when working.

Quality and user friendliness of high-pressure surface cleaners at the highest level

At KAMAT it is part of our philosophy to only use alloy steel and no coated steels in our constructions. This improves the longevity and process safety of our products by a great margin in comparison to our competitors. Furthermore are all our surface cleaners optimized in its ease of operation and safety.