Featured Image for High Pressure Nozzles

Kamat rotating nozzles are externally-driven and effectively transfer nearly all energy of the fluid to the work area.

The nozzle provides superior performance for surface treatment applications in a shorter amount of time; they add additional work performance to the high pressure pump system. Driven by customer demand, the nozzles can be driven by either pneumatic or electric power source. In self-rotating nozzles, the water jet stream is guided through different angles (before coming to the nozzles), which cause energy loss and therefore less impact in the area that the water stream encounters. By using KAMAT rotating nozzles, a more precise and impactful stream of fluid will contact the surface providing more performance in less amount of time.

In addition, a large variety of nozzles are available for different applications, including, orbital nozzles, cone nozzles, fan nozzles and special pipe-cleaning nozzles.

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