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Rotating Leadthroughs provide a guaranteed pathway of the water jet
By systematically guiding the flow of water, an energy efficient stream of water provides more work on the surface that is impacted.
The main concept of high-pressure tools is to efficiently concentrate the energy of the water at the smallest point possible, which maximizes the work that can be done by the fluid. Because of the small size of the water jet, only a small area can be impacted; the rotating leadthroughs provide the ability to take the small stream and spread it out over a larger area. The result is a quick and systematic movement of the high-pressure water jet stream. Rotating joints provide a transition of the water from fixed to rotating parts of the high-pressure tool. This produces a targeted impact to the surface at a pressure up to 58,000 PSI (4,000 bar). Rotating leadthroughs can be driven by internal or external input and can be rotated up to 3000 times per minute.
Rotating connectors for hoses provide fatigue-free and safe working conditions and minimize the chance of damage to hoses and wires. This means that the work environment is safer by using these tools. Designed, developed, and produced at Kamat, these rotating connectors are internally streamlined to minimize flow restrictions

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