Safety Valves

Professional pressure-control with the high-pressure safety valves of KAMAT

Our valves are made in-house and are adjusted to the properties and pressures of your application. Our valves are full-lift safety valves and can be operated spring loaded or pilot-operated. All our valves are delivered adjusted to your desired working pressure, the maximum being 4,000 bar and flowrates of up to 4,700 l/min.

Two spring loaded variants of safety valves, even ATEX compliant

The simpler high-pressure valves have a rotatable by-pass connection to dispose of the escaping fluid. Pilot-operated valves need a block flange. Like all other KAMAT products, these are also ATEX compliant and can be manufactured using special materials to suit the medium you are pumping.

Technical Specifications

  • full-lift valves
  • spring loaded
  • single or pilot-controlled version for more flow
  • up to 4,000 bar
  • up to 4,700 l/min
  • DN 2,5 to DN 50

Special Features

  • safety valve adjusts to the setting pressure again after opening
  • quickly detects cavitation peaks in continuous operation
  • up to 4,000 bar infinitely adjustable at the factory
  • is delivered sealed and with a sticker with a test date
  • independent adjustment and reparation possible
  • also suitable for ATEX