High Pressure Jetting Tools

Jetting – cleaning, removal, cutting

High-Pressure water tools – using water as a tool

Kamat hardhat sitting on a green table

In order to achieve best results with water when treating surfaces, the water jet must be precisely guided and this can best be done by using specially-designed accessories. KAMAT has an extensive range of devices of our own manufacture, including high-pressure guns and lances with mechanical function or electrical operation. Our own rotating nozzles produce coherent jets that can be directed at large surfaces precisely and speedily. We also supply externally-driven rotating tools that utilise the hydraulic energy to an optimum and clean the surface perfectly.

Vacuum-supported solutions

Sometimes an O.E.M. requires high-pressure accessories to supplement his own equipment. A typical innovation is a special system developed by KAMAT for vacuum suction of debris removed in the process of cleaning large areas. The used water is recycled and returned to the system after filtration. Solutions of this nature are planned and implemented in close liaison with the client. In many cases, the major component of such a special tool is a high-pressure rotating joint; this component can also be supplied on its own.