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Giant Industries offers a variety of Kamat surface cleaners. Each unit is specifically designed to complete a specialized cleaning task and surfaces. The types of units include:

Surface Cleaner Air 3000, a pneumatically driven mobile devices, which is used for removing paint and other coatings from steel and concrete surfaces.

Wall Cleaner 3000 Air, a hand-held pneumatically driven, which gives the user precise control over small areas that need to have paint, coatings, and graffiti removed in difficult to reach areas or where there is a relatively small amount of work required.

SHC 3000, a remote and pneumatically driven ship hull surface preparation unit, which can also be used for removing paint and other contaminants from tanks and other large vessels. The unique design of the SHC 3000 gives the operator the ability to run the unit remotely and with no scaffolding; it even can navigate over edges and openings. Finally, it can even operate overhead.

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