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Filtration for the environment in water treatment applications
Protect sensitive parts in high-pressure cleaning systems and diesel injectors.
Quality filtration in high pressure applications has many benefits: A water jet stream gently clean surfaces in which water is the favored medium; using water means an environmentally safe way to accomplish work. Because high pressure cleaning systems use special tools, there needs to be protection of the components; therefore, a high pressure filter system, created by Kamat, provides a reliable solution.
With operating pressure up to 58,000 PSI (4000 bar), a KAMAT high-pressure filter provides protection of both the sensitive high pressure component parts and the material that is processed. In reclaim water systems or industrial water applications, the water may contain hard particle contamination; these hard particles can shorten the life of tools, such as high pressure nozzles. A unique application for Kamat filters is the protection of diesel fuel injectors and Kamat high pressure filter can be used for larger diesel engines.
The Kamat high pressure filters are precisely made for water-recycling systems and cleaning technology jobs. The use of the filters gives the user an environmentally friendly recycling of the water jet stream in cleaning applications.

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