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Robust High-Pressure Valves for Pumps
These valves provide the user with a consistent operating pressure with a variety of types of valves including: directional-control valves, pressure-control valves, by-pass valves and safety valves.
Most high-pressure applications require constant operating pressure. To guarantee this requirement for various parameters and changing conditions, the valve design must be made to rigid standards that are compatible with the high-pressure pump system. Based on the application requirements, directional-control valves, pressure-control valves, by-pass valves, as well as safety valves, could be needed. Designed and manufactured at Kamat, which allows high quality levels to be maintained. The benefit: Superior quality and powerful KAMAT high-pressure valves that are perfectly matched to the application. This provides reliability for continuous duty of the pump. In addition, special KAMAT valve types are capable of 58,000 PSI (4,000 bar).
The valves are designed to be operated either pneumatically, electrically or via hydraulic control; this seamlessly integrates with automated and remote-controlled processes. As a result of the integration, the valve provides useful independence in the control of the processes. The Kamat electro-hydraulic solenoid valves can be operated at 43,500 PSI (3,000 bar), which enables the operator to integrate them into automated process controls in a variety of industrial applications.
Upon need, Kamat can produce high-pressure valves for special conditions, such as applications that don’t require process control. Kamat also manufactures pressure-limiting valves and safety valves with spring-loaded design. Other designs can be made for applications such as pipeline hydrostatic testing or for gas tanks (in the automobile sector).

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