High Pressure Nozzles

High-quality results can only be achieved if nozzles and pump work in perfect harmony

No matter how powerful your pump, the desired results are only achieved with the perfectly fitting nozzleclose up image of high pressure nozzle

Most hp nozzles may seem simple objects at first sight, but they are the defining factor for the efficiency, safety and comfort of the working process. It simply does not matter how powerful your pump is if you don’t have the nozzle to transmit the power onto the surface of the object that you want to work on.

High-pressure nozzles made for the task at hand

We at KAMAT produce our own nozzles in-house, adapted to their specific application. Also are they part of our design philosophy of only using extremely high-quality alloyed steels. These high-quality steels ensure safe working and the longevity of the nozzle. Also do we produce all our nozzles in-house to ensure maximum manufacturing precision. A small inaccuracy during the manufacturing process can cause a capable nozzle to perform like a simply gardening hose.

To this day we have kept advancing and evolving our nozzles program and cover most applications with our portfolio including pipe cleaning nozzles, rotating nozzles, well cleaning nozzles and plug in nozzles for all kind of high-pressure guns and lances. Of course, we also develop made-to-measure solutions.