Carpet Cleaning

Giant offers a range of high-quality pumps and accessories to meet the performance requirements of the carpet cleaning industry. Giant pumps provide outstanding reliability, durability, efficiency, temperature and corrosion resistance to stand up to the daily hours-on-end operating environment. When you are looking for outstanding Performance Under Pressure to power your carpet cleaning business, Giant has the right pump and best value to meet your needs. 

For a more specific, individualized recommendation on the best Giant pump to meet your unique application and performance requirements, please email, or call (419) 531-4600.


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Application Related Pumps

Image Model No. Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Speed Power Consumption
featured image for P218
3.4 GPM
12.9 L/min
2000 PSI
140 bar
1750 RPM
4.7 HP
3.5 KW
featured image for P46W
3.9 GPM
14.7 L/min
2200 PSI
150 bar
1420 RPM
6.0 HP
4.5 KW
featured image for P220
4.7 GPM
17.8 L/min
2000 PSI
140 bar
1750 RPM
6.5 HP
4.8 KW
featured image for P56W
6.1 GPM
23.1 L/min
1900 PSI
130 bar
1420 RPM
7.9 HP
5.9 KW