Surface Cleaner Gekko 350

Remote controlled surface cleaner Gekko 350 removes coatings of large steel surfaces without scaffolding

The Magnet Crawler Gekko 350, such as a Ship Hull Crawler cleans ship and tank surfaces in remote-controlled operation. Magnets and chain drive guarantee hold and movement.

We have specially developed the KAMAT Gekko 350 in order to clean large steel surfaces, for example ships, or large tanks, rapidly and without building scaffolding. Key technical advantages of the high-pressure surface cleaner are the thought-out combination of natural magnets and chain drive, as well as controllable high-pressure nozzles. The complete high-pressure system is remotely controlled conveniently and safely.

The hold and drive combination of natural magnets and pneumatically-driven chains enables the Ship Hull Crawler to move over vertical steel surfaces quickly and controllably. It is even able to travel over openings and edges of the steel surfaces, and to clean there. Close radii can also be run over.

Horizontal overhead cleaning and vertical cleaning are possible with our magnet crawler Gekko 350

The controllable, pneumatically-driven, 300 mm nozzle rotor ensures that coatings of every type are removed leaving metallically clean steel. Even overhead work is possible. Thus the usual, manual jetting work for the cleaning e.g. of ship and tank surfaces, is reduced significantly. The Gekko 350 has the option to be driven by a mobile KamJet or a KAMAT plunger pump of the type K25000.

Technical Specifications

  • max. flow 40 l/min
  • max. operating pressure 3,500 bar
  • working width (diameter)
    300 – 350 mm
  • width of housing (diameter) 460 mm
  • width of housing 940 mm
  • medium water
  • max. temperature of medium 50 °C
  • high-pressure fitting M 14×1.5 LH
  • weight approx. 65 kg
  • number of nozzles max. 12
  • suitable nozzle inserts Form 0964
  • air consumption req.
    (filtered air) 25 l/s
  • filtration 5 μm
  • min. air pressure required 6 bar
  • stepless speed adjustment
    0-4,5 m/min
  • control voltage standard 24 V DC

Special Features

  • suitable for cleaning and decoating of tanks and ships
  • can be used with other high-pressure water tools up to max. 3,500 bar
  • is low-fatigue for the user due to remote-controlled operation
  • ensures optimum occupational safety
  • suitable suction system of the Gekko series can absorb the dirty water
  • and thus reduces the input of pollutants into the environment
  • very compact and particularly suitable for industries such as the steel construction,
    offshore, ship industry