Featured Image for Machine Tool Pumps

High pressure pumps that are used in the machining process will assist manufactures in the production of various metallic parts. Because machine tool coolant has special characteristics, special designs are often used to make sure that the pumps operate as needed. These pumps will help a machine cut metal faster and with more consistency. The flow range of these pumps are up to 26 GPM (98 L/min) and pressure range is up 5000 PSI (350 Bar).

Image Model No. Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Speed Power Consumption
featured image for P59MT-0020 7.5 GPM 28.3 L/min 1450 PSI 100 bar 1450 RPM 7.7 HP 5.7 KW
featured image for P420CR-0020 12.8 GPM 48.4 L/min 2175 PSI 150 bar 1450 RPM 19.2 HP 14.3 KW
featured image for LP250MT-0020 26 GPM 98.3 L/min 2200 PSI 150 bar 1000 RPM 39.4 HP 29.4 KW
featured image for LP250W-MT 26 GPM 98.3 L/min 2200 PSI 150 bar 1000 RPM 39.7 HP 29.6 KW