New GP Series

Posted on June 6, 2016 at 4:21 pm

Giant Industries is proud to announce the addition of a new family of GP pumps the GP7600 Series.  This series is similar to the GP7500 Series but has a longer stroke.  This means that the pumps can run at the same flow but at a slower speed.  There are three versions of these pumps available: without a gearbox, with a gearbox and with a gearbox and hollow shaft.  To find out more about these new pumps visit the pump pages below.

GP7645 – 55.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI @ 800 RPM; without a gearbox

GP7650 – 69.7 GPM @ 2540 PSI @ 800 RPM; without a gearbox

GP7655 – 84.5 GPM @ 2000 PSI @ 800 RPM; without a gearbox

GP7645GB – 56 GPM @ 2900 PSI @ 800 RPM; with a gearbox

GP7650GB – 70 GPM @ 2540 PSI @ 800 RPM; with a gearbox

GP7655GB – 84.5 GPM @ 2030 PSI @ 800 RPM; with a gearbox

GP7645GBHS-180 – 52.6 GPM @ 3000 PSI @ 758 RPM; with a 180º gearbox for hollow shaft drives

GP7655GBHS-180 – 80 GPM @ 2030 @ 758 RPM; with a 180º gearbox for hollow shaft drives

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