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New Kamat Filters

Latest News | July 15, 2021

Introducing our new Kamat Filters

Kamat filters provide filtration in water treatment applications while being mindful of the environment.  They also protect sensitive parts in high pressure cleaning systems and diesel injectors.

Using high pressure water to clean has many benefits.  One of these is as using a water jet stream, protected from harsh abrasives and chemicals, to gently clean surfaces in a surrounding environment.  Due to the special requirements needed in high pressure cleaning systems, Kamat has created a specialized filter to protect both the components of the system along with the material being processed.  For example, when using reclaimed water there may be additional hard particles that can shorten the life of high pressure tools like nozzles.  Filters may also be used in large diesel engines to help protect fuel injectors.

The Kamat high pressure filters are precisely made for water-recycling systems and cleaning technology jobs.  KAMAT high pressure filters are rated up to 58,000 PSI (4000 bar).  The use of these filters gives the user an environmentally friendly way of recycling the water jet stream in cleaning applications.

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