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New Hydraulic Drive GP5100 Pumps

Latest News | April 9, 2021

Giant has developed a new line of hydraulic drive pumps for the GP5100 series pumps.  The concept is to provide a direct mounting flange for the hydraulic motor, which will eliminate the need for couplers and bell housings.  Some of the major benefits will be reduced space requirements and cost savings.  The mounting flange on the pump is designed to accept with a SAE-C 14T 12/24 DP hydraulic motors with involute spline shafts.

The pumps are available with shaft sizes on either the right-hand or left-hand side.  Other than the crankshaft and bearing cover, all other components are components are consistent with other GP5100 series pumps, such as tapered roller bearings, bronze connecting rods, stainless steel polished and ground plunger bases, solid ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, highest quality seals and nickel-plated spheroidal cast iron manifolds.

Some common applications will be sewer cleaning, hydro-excavating, pot holing direction drilling, hydrostatic testing, surface preparation, agricultural spraying, mobile cleaning units, etc.

To learn more about the 20.6 GPM at 4060 PSI – GP5128GBHS click here.

To learn more about the 40.4 GPM at 1855 PSI – GP5142GBHS click here.

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