These pumps are designed to handle the various types of Bentonite mixtures, which are often found in drilling fluids often used in directional drilling, hydro-excavating and other processes in which the soil is prone to collapse without the Bentonite solution. These pumps range from 3 GPM (12 L/min) to 132 GPM (500 L/min).

  Pump Model Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Speed Power Consumption
BP100 5.9 GPM
22.4 L/min
1885 PSI
130 bar
750 RPM 8.1 BHP
6.0 KW
BP7171 Null GPM
Null bar
BP5236 18.5 GPM
70 L/min
1450 PSI
100 bar
570 RPM 13.2 BHP
9.8 KW
BP6150 42.3 GPM
160 L/min
1450 PSI
100 bar
600 RPM 42.3 BHP
3.15 KW
BP7170 84.5 GPM
320 L/min
1015 PSI
70 bar
560 RPM 61.3 BHP
45.7 KW
Service & Repair

Giant provides service on each pump and accessory that we sell. Many basic repair procedures are covered in the Giant repair manual. For all other questions on service or repair needs please contact your local Giant distributor.