Moist Wipe

moist_wipeThe original window cleaning towel. Moistwipe Towel has evolved into a one-step pre-moistened cloth-like towel — versatile enough to be used for a variety of cleaning applications and surfaces such as; glass, plastic, plated metal, canvases and many more — yet is strong and durable enough for scrubbing large areas. The specially-formulated moistening liquid diffused throughout the towel assists in cleaning After application, the liquid evaporates, leaving very little surface moisture and dries without streaking. Moistwipe Towel features a lemon-scent that makes any surface smell fresh and clean. Formulated not to freeze (even if stored in outside vending machines).

Sold by the case.

Product Size Qty. per case Shipping Weight
T3000 12″ x 28″ 30 cm x 71 cm 180 11 lbs. 5 kg