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This is a pressure-actuated unloader that is designed for any pump that fits within the flow and pressure range of the unloader.  The unloader regulates the flow in the system and maintains system pressure via an adjustable nut that controls the amount of tension on a pressure spring.  When no flow is going out the outlet port, all flow is diverted to the bypass port at virtually no pressure.  The unloader is capable of handling one or more shut-off guns and should be run with no bypass (if the full flow from the pump is going through the unloader).  It actuates at around 20% above the system pressure.

WARNING: This product might contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Specification US Metric
Maximum Flow120 GPM450 L/min
Min Pressure4350 PSI300 bar
Max Pressure4800 PSI330 bar
Intermittent Temperature194 °F90 °C
Continuous Temperature140 °F60 °C
Inlet Port1-1/4" FBSP
Outlet Port1-1/4" FBSP
Bypass Port1-1/4" FBSP
Weight13.3 lbs.6 kg
The repair kits listed to the right are available for this pump. If you need further information about these repair kits, or have questions about other specific parts for your pump, please contact you local Giant distributor or contact Giant customer service.
Repair Kit – Part #09642
2 05549 O-Ring 1
5 05552 O-Ring 1
7 05554 O-Ring 1
8 05555 Seat 1
9 05556 Shutter 1
10 05557 O-Ring 1
12 05559 Back Up Ring 1
13 05560 O-Ring 1
15 05562 O-Ring 1
16 05563 Back Up Ring 1


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