These accessories are related to a pop-off valve, but are made for more repeated use. They are pressure relief valves which protect the pump and other high pressure components from over-pressurization. After removing the dangerous high pressure from the system, they are able to re-set. Like the pop-off valve, they should be used whenever a pressure actuated unloader or pressure actuated regulator is used as these devices can eventually fail over time. They are designed to relieve flow up to 624 GPM (2361 L/min) and are capable of pressures up to 58,000 PSI (4000 Bar). Materials available are brass and 316 stainless steel.

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  • Giant Industries Limited Warranty
  • 22106-51 Literature


U.S. Metric
Flow 21.1 GPM 80 L/min
Pressure Range 406-4060 PSI 28-280 bar
Pressure (Permissible) 4500 PSI 310 bar
Continuous Temperature 158 ºF 60 ºC
Maximum Temperature 194 ºF 90 ºC
Inlet 1/2″ BSP
Outlet 1/2″ BSP
Bypass 1/2″ BSP
Weight 1.9 lbs 840 g


Repair Kit – Part #09788
9 04208 Stem Seal and O-Ring 1
10 04217 O-Ring 1
11 04216 Back-Up Ring 1
13 04482 O-Ring 1
14 04483 Piston 1
15 04485 Seat 1
17 08831 O-Ring, Viton 1
18 04484 O-Ring 1
20 04482 O-Ring 1

Repair Kits Available

The repair kits listed to the right are available for this pump. If you need further information about these repair kits, or have questions about other specific parts for your pump, please contact you local Giant distributor or contact Giant customer service.

Service & Repair

Giant provides service on each pump and accessory that we sell. Many basic repair procedures are covered in the Giant repair manual. For all other questions on service or repair needs please contact your local Giant distributor.