Giant provides the most durable guns available on the market. From the American-made brands to German and Italian gun/lance assemblies, Giant has a shut-off gun for a wide variety of applications. With a flow range up to 32 GPM (120 L/min) and a pressure range up to 43,500 PSI (3000 Bar), Giant can provide the right gun for your application. Popular markets include pressure washing, car wash, sewer cleaning, hydro-excavating, food processing, tube/bundle heat exchanger cleaning, surface preparation and more.

Giant’s shut-off guns serve as an on/off valve at the point of use and generally control the flow of the liquid and can be operated manually, pneumatically and electronically. Gun types include rear load, dump gun and linear designs.

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  • 21650-50 Literature


U.S. Metric
Flow 21.1 GPM 80 L/min
Pressure (Rated) 7250 PSI 500 bar
Pressure (Permissible) 8120 PSI 560 bar
Continuous Temperature 212 ºF 100 ºC
Inlet 1/2″ FNPT
Discharge 1/4″ FNPT
Lance Length 49″ 1.24 m


Plunger Packing Kit – Part #09769
3 04345 Back-Up Ring 1
4 08564 O-Ring 1
5 04310 Stem Seal 2
7 04309 Spring 1
8 04346 Piston and Seat 1
9 08573 O-Ring 1
10 04347 Back-Up Ring 1

Repair Kits Available

The repair kits listed to the right are available for this pump. If you need further information about these repair kits, or have questions about other specific parts for your pump, please contact you local Giant distributor or contact Giant customer service.

Service & Repair

Giant provides service on each pump and accessory that we sell. Many basic repair procedures are covered in the Giant repair manual. For all other questions on service or repair needs please contact your local Giant distributor.