These German-made pumps offer extremely long life and reliability. Designed from 20 Hp (15kW) to 1000 HP (800 kW), these pumps have a flow range of over 1000 GPM (4000 L/min) and can handle pressure exceeding 50,000 PSI (3500 Bar). Kamat pumps handle a large variety of fluids, such as high viscous, water or fluids loaded with solids. Most of these pumps have integrated pinion gears with balanced crankcases, allowing them to achieve over 90 percent energy efficiency. Other key attributes of these pumps include: Modular construction, which make special design and single piece production possible; simple operation and maintenance; reliable gearbox, which is space-saving, self-adjusting and quiet. Service can be performed without disassembly. Double helical gears prevent axial forces and give long bearing life. Pinion gears are available for a variety of input speeds. Gear ends can run from 10-100% (depending on rod load). No external oil pressure supply needed. Materials sourced from local suppliers with high quality control. One piece pump head design to increase seal life. Pump head does not need to be removed to service seals and valves. Wide range of common parts used. Complete conversion kits available to change flow/pressure in a single pump.

Pump Model Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Maximum Power
Kamat Pump K1000A K1000A 1.8 29,000 20
Kamap Pump K4500 K4500 232 30,450 60
Pump k8000 K8000-3G 283 44,950 100
pump K9000 K9000-3G 283 42,775 121
pump k10000 K10000-3G 449 47,850 174
pump k11000 K11000-3G 454 40,020 147
pump k13000 K130000- 3G 496 43,500 174
pump k18000 k18000-3G 522 43,645 241
Pump K20000 k20000-3G 957 40,600 268
Pump K25000 K25000-3G 1148 46,400 335
Pump K35000 K35000-3G 1310 45,675 469
Pump K40000 K40000 1310 50,750 710
Pump K50000 K50000 1913 50,750 710
Pump K8000 K80000 3842 50,750 1072
Service & Repair

Giant provides service on each pump and accessory that we sell. Many basic repair procedures are covered in the Giant repair manual. For all other questions on service or repair needs please contact your local Giant distributor.